oxalis regnellii

Oxalis Regnellii or more commonly known as black shamrock has some of the most fascinating foliage. Dark purple/red it will captivate you with it's triple triangular leaves. The leaves also sleep when in low light - so it's a moody plant! It has tiny little bell shaped flowers - light pinky/purple that dangle. This arrangement felt appropriate for today since it is raining and the dark purple leaves remind me of an umbrella. Oxalis Regnellii is an annual in zone 6a but is a perennial in growing zones 8 to 10. It thrives in partial shade.
I bring my cluster of oxalis indoors for the winter - I've had mine for years. It is a rhizomatous bulb, native to South Africa. Oxalis likes well drained soil and is easy to care for. Oxalis is poisonous for cats and dogs. I have my Oxalis planted at the base of my large ficus tree. It is well worth the investment.

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