A hint of spring garden

I was so surprised at the end of 2016 to find out that forcing branches in your home from flowering trees can be done early. My husband clipped a couple of large branches from our crabapple tree and we brought them in, during the middle of December. By the end of December we had blossoms coming along beautifully. Wow! The week after New Year’s we had perfect white with a hint of pink gracing or home – real flowers in all their glory. They weren’t even in a sunny location in the house. I strung twinkle lights on one of them. So good! I used some large, tall vases to put the branches in water. Anytime is a good time to force branches from your yard during the winter months. I would love to see a magnolia or cherry blossom come to life in my house right about now as well. Here’s to the promise of spring in your home – something growing always brings energy and hope to life. Energized by these beautiful blossoms, we have been able to add all of the new pillows for Camille’s Tuscan Garden into the Verde Cosi shop. Take a look – these too will bring the promise of gardens– any time of year. Cheers!

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