While in the Garden

When we bought our house years ago we were younger, but had no choice but to leave the old landscape. I gradually, with my husband's help, or by myself dug new gardens. We started slowly by the backdoor, discovering existing plants, and have extended beyond to the corners of our property. Sometimes people look beyond what is obvious and really enjoy looking at what we've planted - they see the love we have for our home. A home loaded with what the quick onlooker may perceive as imperfections. I had a realization this morning that as time has gone by my attitude toward the well worn has changed to more of an openess toward the imperfect and charming. I surprised myself - the front stairs made of cement along the roadside approaching the front of our house are beautiful vintage architecture. I have disliked them over the years - it has always been a reminder to me what is left to complete on our house - an unpleasant and frustrating thought that I am sure fellow homeowners live with all of the time, no matter how perfect things look on the outside. That is why I like to use vintage furnishing - it is a reminder that refreshing things with care and intentional imperfections, new fabric - beautiful pillows, etc., breathes new life into the unexpected charm. Things aren't always what they may seem to be on the outside. Dig a little deeper - spend time with your landscape and surroundings, it feeds the soul. Taking your time this season to clear the landscape yourself - it has its Aha! moments - like the one I had this morning, clearing the pine needles, leaves, and debris from my yard. After all, doing things yourself is empowering - I started to sew for this very reason. Why not? - I own the work put into our products - I am connected to the joy I intentionally put into each piece of art and craft. When it is crafted by hand - there is more meaning for all involved. You, as a customer and me as maker, designer and artist. Please take a moment or moments outside, during this season of spring, and remind yourself of the connection we all have to our earth. The need we have to interact as humans with our surroundings and the constant refresh we all need to change our environments in a responsible way. Change is good - please take a look at our beautiful "About to Bloom" products and art featured in the Verde Cosi shop right now. It is all things spring - inspiring invitations, wrapping paper, boxed stationery sets, and of course pillows, there is even a table runner that has sweet grass green pom poms - just the right balance to capture the interest of your guests at table. Have a garden party a little early - pretend you are in the midst of sunshine with green trees - go ahead you deserve it. My latest work will be sold at Society of Crafts, Boston coming up on April 21 thru 23rd, 2017. Please drop by and say hello!

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