How to make a Verde Cosi “Pink Prosecco” art paper wrap Decorative Heart

How to make a Verde Cosi “Pink Prosecco” art paper wrap Decorative Heart 

This heart uses left over(from wrapping gifts) strips of Verde Cosi “Pink Prosecco” art paper wrap


•19 x 24 inch pad of tracing paper, I used Canson brand

•30inch long barbecue roasting sticks or thin wooden dowels from craft store

•scrap strips of Verde Cosi art paper wrap, at least 19 inches long at widest part of heart shape

•sewing machine with jeans/denim needle, I used Schmetz brand 110/18 size

•multi purpose good quality white or gold thread for your sewing machine

•pencil, clear tape

•long 24 inch ruler

•garden clippers to cut dowels

•decorative ribbon for hanging

•x-acto knife 

•mat cutting board


1.Lay out strips of Verde Cosi art wrap on cutting board, I used 9 varied width strips - It’s fun to buy all 3 sets of the varied wrap in the Verde Cosi “Pink Prosecco” collection
2.lay sheet of 19 x 24 tracing paper on top of strips
draw a large heart with a pencil
3.use xacto to cut out heart thru to the wrapping strips(Fig.1, Fig.2, Fig.3, shown in photos)

4.remove tracing and excess paper - draw a straight line with ruler down center of heart vertically (top curves are not included in this step)
with your jeans/denim needle in your sewing machine sew along your vertical pencil line - continue to sew in between pieces leaving about a 1/2 inch gap of sewn/hanging thread in between strips. It’s coming together now!(Fig.4, Fig.5, Fig.6, shown in photos)

5.leave 8 inches of thread after sewing vertical line (this is for attaching to dowel later on)
6.start at center top of heart and sew around outside edge of heart measuring gaps against the center gaps as you go. Once you’ve gone all the way around your heart leave about 8 inches of thread at center bottom edge for hanging on decorative curls later on. 6 different evenly spaced points at curves in heart, sew with machine and land your stitches in these points - leave 8 inches of thread at each end for hanging. this step gives you attached threads to hang and tie heart to dowel
8.take full 30 inch dowel and tie threads at top of heart (twist the ones that are part of a close together area)
9.turn heart over and measure and cut with garden clippers dowels to go full length of most of the strips of Verde Cosi art wrap to stiffen decorative heart. Tape pieces of dowels down onto the back strips of paper heart (Fig.7, shown in photo) to finish top dowel to cover threads: cut 1/4  to 3/8 inch strips of Verde Cosi art paper wrap - wrap strips around top dowel, tape to secure. This gives a more finished decorative look.(Fig.8,shown in photo) center of the bottom of heart you can add swirls of paper: take same 1/4 to 3/8 inch strips of wrap and tightly, twirl around one of the wooden dowels, release, it stays curled!
Tape a few varied, curled strips at bottom center of heart for added decoration(Fig.9 and Fig.10, shown in photos)

12.Hang your heart!: take a decorative ribbon, I used a green leaf ribbon, tie ends of top dowel. Voila! Ecco! Cosi! You have made a beautiful Verde Cosi “Pink Prosecco” art paper wrap decorative heart!(Fig.11 and Fig.12 shown in photos)You can purchase the "Pink Prosecco" wrap in the Verde Cosi shop!Enjoy!
©2017 Verde Cosi

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