Thoughts about Gardening

To have a garden and tend it yourself is to have a unique understanding of the world - no two gardens have the same feeling.

My husband and I dug our own gardens when we moved into our fixer upper when our second child was two. The first thing I did was plant a small garden by the back door to lift our spirits. We passed by the new plantings everyday and it encouraged us to make the rest of the yard look that beautiful. Right now I have pink peonies, lavender, hibiscus, sedum, and Russian sage. I try to plant fragrant plants on the chance that we might pick up on the fragrance while walking in the back door. This painting was done while in my yard. It shows some potted topiaries which I have a nice collection of. They are always interesting to grow. I have lavender topiaries, boxwood, and scented geranium. Most of my pots are terracotta. I collect various pots for planting in various sizes - it goes along with being a gardener. I usually transplant tropical species and keep them in pots all year long, keeping them in the house in the winter months. My camelia is just starting to blossom indoors and it will hopefully continue to blossom throughout January. The shiny foliage and blossoms are similar to a small double peony. I hope you enjoy this painting, prints will be available in the Verde Cosi shop soon. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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