How to make the best of fall in the garden.

This fall has been especially warm, which has made it easy to get outside and enjoy the yard. There are many interesting plants and bulbs for fall if you seek them out. This year I discovered millet, ornamental peppers, a beautiful dark red/purple sedum, a dusty pink sedum, a gorgeous decorative grass, and aloha lilies. Aloha lilies are a bulb and if you make sure to cover them in some hay over the winter here in New England they should come back next fall. For bulbs, I planted alliums (which I love), scented white tulips, peony tulips in pink, lily flowering tulips, white hyacinths, and species tulips. I am hoping this redo of my corner garden will bring beautiful shows of flowers this spring as well. I dug the whole garden up except for the peonies. Turns out the garden was basically being taken over by the lily of the valley. I have plenty of this, so moving it elsewhere was fine. I worked some organic fertilizer into the existing soil in my wheel barrow and added some Coast of Maine lobster compost to enhance the soil quality. I also used some soil from my compost pile. I worked all of the old roots out of the existing soil - one of my favorite things to do. I hope my efforts outside this fall inspire you to work outside and enjoy this weather. I have many shows coming up starting October 21, 2017. Please see for more details. Enjoy! This post and new garden is in loving memory of my Mom.

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