When others come first - reflections on caring -

For most Mothers and caregivers, the statement, the action - “When others come first” is not something we say or even have time to think about. It is just a natural instinct. Often times to get through the day getting the tasks, the chores, the responsibilities and ultimately all those little things we do with others in mind - can go under the radar or slip through the cracks. We ourselves even let it slide off our backs because perhaps if we added it up it may overwhelm us.
There was a nurse who cared for me in the delivery room with my first born child (29 hours of labor)! Ill never forget her - she became that nurturing, compassionate person I needed at that moment to get through the pain and bewilderment of not knowing how things would turn out. She was on the front lines. 
There is so much good in our communities and it all starts at home.
This Mothers Day weekend - and I hope it extends longer than a weekend. I acknowledge you who care - care endlessly for others. We have a great responsibility. You are more important than you may give yourself credit for.
In honor of Mother’s Day, Verde Cosi will be donating to the Greater Boston Food Bank.
In memory of my Mother and Grandmother who were unapologetically themselves through it all.
Respectfully yours,
Suzanne Luby Ahrens
Verde Cosi

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