Scented Geranium Cuttings

Tidying up my plants that I keep indoors over the winter is one of my favorite things to do especially when it's cold outside. This scented geranium, pelargonium, has basically turned into a tiny tree over the years - it was climbing up one of our braided hibiscus plants and basically needed to be cut back. Geraniums are very easy to start rooting in a sunny window in your home. Here I have about eight separate cuttings, all of which will wait for roots to develop in water. Pot them up in some good soil and eight small scented geraniums become new plants to share or keep. This particular geranium is verbena scented. There are mint, chocolate mint, apple, rose, lemon, orange, coconut scented geraniums out there to add to your collection of plants. They are easy to grow indoors and out. I recommend bringing them outdoors in the summer time. They produce tiny flowers and can be trained as a topiary. Scented geraniums are heat and drought tolerant plants. 

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